Hubungan Peran Serta Kader Posyandu Dengan Status Gizi Balita Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Manganitu Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe


ABSTRACK: The role ofcadresis veryimportantbecause thecadresresponsible fortheimplementation of theprogram-Growth Monitoring program. The role ofcadres tohelpthe communityin reducingmalnutrition, besidesthe role ofcadrescan also help inreducing maternal mortalityis alsoa toddler. Objectivetodetermine the relationship beetwen role of thecadresPosyanduwithnutritional status of childrenin the working area Puskesmas Manganitu SangiheIslands District. The type ofresearchthat is usedisanalytic surveyusingcross sectional approachanda sampling technique thattotal sampling totaling 61samples. Results using Chi-square test with Fisher's Exact Testcorrectionwith significance levelá=0.05or95% obtainedp value=0.000. Conclusionthatthere is a connectionbetween role ofcadresposyandunutritional status of childrenin PuskesmasManganituSangiheIslands District. Suggestionsforcadresfurther enhancethe knowledgeandskillsandfurther improvethemselvesandactively participate in theprogram-Growth Monitoring program, andcarry outduties in accordancewith therolethat, as a motivator, administratorsandeducators

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