Detection of HC3_3N maser emission in NGC253


We report the detection of maser emission from the J=43J=4-3 transition of HC3_3N at 36.4~GHz towards the nearby starburst galaxy NGC253. This is the first detection of maser emission from this transition in either a Galactic or extragalactic source. The HC3_3N maser emission has a brightness temperature in excess of 2500 K and is offset from the center of the galaxy by approximately 18 arcsec (300 pc), but close to a previously reported class~I methanol maser. Both the HC3_3N and methanol masers appear to arise near the interface between the galactic bar and the central molecular zone, where it is thought that molecular gas is being transported inwards, producing a region of extensive low-velocity shocks.Comment: Accepted for publication in ApJ Letters, 7 pages, 3 figure

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