Low-complexity Location-aware Multi-user Massive MIMO Beamforming for High Speed Train Communications


Massive Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) adaption is one of the primary evolving objectives for the next generation high speed train (HST) communication system. In this paper, we consider how to design an efficient low-complexity location-aware beamforming for the multi-user (MU) massive MIMO system in HST scenario. We first put forward a low-complexity beamforming based on location information, where multiple users are considered. Then, without considering inter-beam interference, a closed-form solution to maximize the total service competence of base station (BS) is proposed in this MU HST scenario. Finally, we present a location-aid searching-based suboptimal solution to eliminate the inter-beam interference and maximize the BS service competence. Various simulations are given to exhibit the advantages of our proposed massive MIMO beamforming method.Comment: This paper has been accepted for future publication by VTC2017-Sprin

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