Ninety-one species of lichens and allied fungi new to Latvia with a list of additional records from Kurzeme


The results of lichenological excursions of the 19th Symposium of Baltic Mycologists and Lichenologists (BMLS) in Latvia, Kurzeme region, 22–26 September 2014, are reported. A list of 290 species is presented, of which 238 are lichenized, 43 lichen-inhabiting, and nine saprotrophic fungi: ninety-one species are new to Latvia, twelve of which (Caloplaca duplicata, Cresporhaphis wienkampii, Ellisembia lichenicola, Gallowayella weberi, Gregorella humida, Lichenochora weillii, Parmelia serrana, Polycauliona phlogina, Reconditella physconiarum, Stictis brunnescens, Thelocarpon superellum, and Verrucaria tectorum) are also new for the Baltic States. Athallia alnetorum is reported here for the first time in northern Europe. The presence of Ochrolechia androgyna s. str., Athallia holocarpa and A. pyracea is confirmed for Latvia, and Parmelia submontana is reported as a new host for Homostegia piggotii

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