First Constraints on the Complete Neutrino Mixing Matrix with a Sterile Neutrino


Neutrino oscillation models involving one extra mass eigenstate beyond the standard three (3+1) are fit to global short baseline experimental data and the recent IceCube ν[subscript μ] + [bar over v][subscript μ] disappearance search result. We find a best fit of Δm[subscript 41][superscript 2]=1.75  eV[superscript 2] with Δx[subscript null-min][superscript 2]/d.o.f. of 50.61/4. We find that the combined IceCube and short baseline data constrain θ[subscript 34] to <80°(<6°) at 90% C.L. for Δm[subscript 41][superscript 2]≈2(6)  eV[superscript 2], which is improved over present limits. Incorporating the IceCube information provides the first constraints on all entries of the 3+1 mixing matrix.National Science Foundation (U.S.) (Grant 1505858)National Science Foundation (U.S.) (Grant 1505855

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