Sigma meson and lowest possible glueball candidate in an extended linear Οƒ\sigma model


We formulate an extended linear Οƒ\sigma model of a quarkonia nonet and a tetraquark nonet as well as a complex iso-singlet (glueball) field to study the low-lying scalar meson. Chiral symmetry and UA(1)U_A(1) symmetry and their breaking play important role to shape the scalar meson spectrum in our work. Based on our study we will comment on what may be the mass of the lowest possible scalar and pseudoscalar glueball states. We will also discuss on what may be the nature of the sigma or f0(600)f_0(600) meson.Comment: Contribution to the Proceedings of QCD@work 2012, Lecce, Italy, 18-21 June 2012, 5 pages, 2 figure

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