Excitation Mechanisms of the Nitrogen First‐Positive and First‐Negative Radiation at High Temperature


The kinetic mechanisms responsible for the excitation of the first-positive and first-negative emission of nitrogen have been investigated in a re-examination of previously reported shock-tube measurements of the nonequilibrium radiation for these systems. The rate coefficients of the collisional quenching reactions, N_2(A^(3)Σ^(+)_u)(^(k^(N)_(-2))⇒) N_2(X^(1)Σ^(+)_g) + N(^(4)S) and N^(+)_2(B^(2)Σ^(+)_u) + N_2(X^(1)Σ^(+)_g)(^(k^(N)_(q))⇒) N^(+)_2(X^(2)Σ^(+)_g) or N^(+)_2(A(^(2)II_u)+N_2(X^(1)Σ^(+)_g) were found to be given by the empirical expressions, k_(2^(N))=5.1x10^(-3)T^(-2.23) cm^3 sec^(-1) and k_(q^(N_2))=1.9x10^(-2)T^(-2.33)cm^3 sec^(-1), respectively, over the approximate temperature range 6000-14 000°K

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