Detecting the Development of Language Skills in Current English Language Teaching in the Czech Republic


AbstractThe current English language teaching (ELT) is based on the communicative principle whose aim is not only the acquisition of language knowledge but mainly the acquisition of the ability to make oneself understood in everyday situation. However, this communicative method should not be overestimated because there should be always a balance between the acquisition and learning of foreign language knowledge and skills so that pupils could achieve corresponding communicative competences. In addition, the four language skills should be integrated in ELT classes so that pupils could focus more on functional use of language. Therefore, the purpose of this article is firstly to evaluate the use of communicative method in present ELT; secondly, to explain the importance of communicative competences; thirdly, to explore whether all four language skills are well-balanced and/or whether some of these skills are more preferred in ELT in the Czech Republic or not; and finally, to propose methodological approaches to the successful development of the productive language skills

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