Doctors Ask These Questions


It has been suggested that the Question Box be resumed in the pages of THE LINACRE QUARTERLY. To include this feature regularly, we will need contributions from our readers. Rare is the physician who has not on occasion been confronted with a specific problem of medical ethics in which the application of general principles may seem uncertain. Although a correct answer may be secured promptly by appropriate consultation, physicians who have encountered such problems are invited to submit them to the Editor here. Answers will be provided from authoritative sources. It is hoped in this fashion to afford wider circulation for specific medico-moral problems and solutions, and to stimulate interest in this aspect of medical practice. Apart from queries regarding ethical problems, questions and comments of general interest to Catholic physicians are also welcome. Although identification of the writer is preferred, anonymity will be respected if requested. We are grateful to Father John J. Lynch, S.J., Professor of Moral Theology at Weston College. Weston, Mass. and medico-moral consultant to the Federation, who prepared material for this issue. He answers questions that have been submitted to him at meetings with doctors

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