OAO-2 observations of beta Lyrae and a provisional interpretation


Six-color ultraviolet photoelectric observations of beta Lyrae obtained with OAO-2 are presented. These observations, made at 1380, 1500, 1920, 2460, 2980 and 3330 A, represent the first truly continual coverage of the light changes of beta Lyrae during one orbital revolution and were obtained in November 1970. The photometric data are supplemented by spectral scans in the wavelength intervals 3800-1800 A and 2000-1050 A; the latter interval was scanned at 10 A resolution once during every OAO-2 orbit, i.e., about 100 minutes. Anomalous features, such as asymmetries and short and long term variations, are present in the light curves. A tentative discussion of solutions of the light curves is given

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