Trigonometric distance and proper motions of H2O maser bowshocks in AFGL 5142


We present the results of multi-epoch VLBI observations of water masers in the AGFL 5142 massive star forming region. We measure an annual parallax of π=0.467±0.010\pi=0.467 \pm 0.010 mas, corresponding to a source distance of D=2.140.049+0.051D=2.14^{+0.051}_{-0.049} kpc. Proper motion and line of sight velocities reveal the 3D kinematics of masers in this region, most of which associate with millimeter sources from the literature. In particular we find remarkable bipolar bowshocks expanding from the most massive member, AFGL 5142 MM1, which are used to investigate the physical properties of its protostellar jet. We attempt to link the known outflows in this region to possible progenitors by considering a precessing jet scenario and we discuss the episodic nature of ejections in AFGL 5142

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