Quark Stars in f(T,T)f(T, \mathcal{T})-Gravity


We derive a working model for the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equation for quark star systems within the modified f(T,T)f(T, \mathcal{T})-gravity class of models. We consider f(T,T)f(T, \mathcal{T})-gravity for a static spherically symmetric space-time. In this instance the metric is built from a more fundamental tetrad vierbein from which the metric tensor can be derived. We impose a linear f(T)f(T) parameter parameter, namely taking f=αT(r)+βT(r)+φf=\alpha T(r) + \beta \mathcal{T}(r) + \varphi and investigate the behavior of a linear energy-momentum tensor trace, T\mathcal{T}. We also outline the restrictions which modified f(T,T)f(T, \mathcal{T})-gravity imposes upon the coupling parameters. Finally we incorporate the MIT bag model in order to derive the mass-radius and mass-central density relations of the quark star within f(T,T)f(T, \mathcal{T})-gravity

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