Efficacy of TachoSil® patches in controlling Dacron suture-hole bleeding after abdominal aortic aneurysm open repair


<p>Abstract</p> <p>Purpose</p> <p>The aim of this study is evaluate the efficacy of TachoSil<sup>® </sup>patches in controlling suture-hole bleeding after elective infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) replacement with Dacron graft.</p> <p>Materials and methods</p> <p>Patients undergoing elective replacement of infrarenal AAA with Dacron grafts were prospectively randomized to TachoSil<sup>® </sup>patches (Group I) or standard compression with surgical swabs (Group II).</p> <p>We evaluated time to haemostasis, blood loss during the operation, blood loss after cross-clamp removal, duration of operation, drain volume, requirement for blood transfusion and surgeons rating of efficacy.</p> <p>Results</p> <p>Twenty patients were randomized (10 patients in each treatment Group). The mean time to haemostasis was 264 ± 127.1 s (range: 180-600 s) in Group I and 408 ± 159.5 s (range: 120-720 s) in Group II (p = 0.026); mean blood loss during the operation was 503.5 ± 20.7 cc (range: 474-545 cc) in Group I and 615.7 ± 60.3 cc (range: 530-720 cc) in Group II (p < 0.001); mean blood loss after cross-clamp removal was 26.5 ± 4 g (range: 22-34 g) in Group I and 45.4 ± 4.6 (range: 38-52 g) in Group II (p < 0.001) and mean drain volume was 116.7 ± 41.4 cc (range: 79-230 cc) in Group I and 134.5 ± 42.8 cc (range: 101-250 cc) in Group II (p = 0.034). There were no serious adverse events associated with use of TachoSil<sup>® </sup>patches.</p> <p>Conclusion</p> <p>For patients undergoing aortic reconstruction with Dacron grafts, TachoSil<sup>® </sup>patches were found to be safe and effective for the control of suture-hole bleeding.</p

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