Over Lunan (presentation of performance)


Over Lunan is a multifaceted collaborative project, commissioned by Aproxima Arts, originally as the finale work as part of the Arbroath 2020+1 celebrations. https://aproxima.co.uk/over-lunan The work includes a series of sub-strand elements: - Radiophonic Work / Radio Play (Recording 42 mins). - Sound Design for immersive theatre production (no fixed duration). - Musical composition for finale of immersive theatre event (Live Performance with Recorded Sound 20 mins). - Atra-hasis musical radio montage (Recording 18 minutes). - Atra-hasis choral work (Score and Recording) (9 minutes). The work was inspired by the Angus coastline of Lunan Bay, its rich geological history and creative links with contemporary geopolitical events. "Our world is formed and connected by the sea. Thousands of years ago, these coastlines were shaped by cataclysmic events; in Mesopotamia too, mythical floods gave rise to stories of the Apkallū - half-fish, half-human sages who emerged from the sea to bring wisdom to our ancestors, living in what became known as the 'cradle of civilisation'. Thousands of years later, those same lands lie decimated by war and the world’s oceans are rising again… what would the Apkallū say if they returned to speak for one last time?" The project involved a diverse team of creative collaborators including: Angus Farquhar - Director Approxima Arts Purni Morell - Dramaturg and script writer (former Director of Unicorn Theatre), Andrew Knight-Hill - Composer of electro-acoustic music, Bede Williams - Conch John and Patrick Kenny - Conch and Carnyx players Cameron Sinclair - Musician and composer Robin Laing - Actor Steve Urquhart - Radio Producer (BBC Scotland) Choir - Chamber Choir from the University of St Andrews Music Centre Rebecca Black Sarah Greer James McNinch Nathanael Fagerson Ross McArthur Guy Minch Elizabeth Unsworth Wilson Jane Pettegree Choir Director - Claire Innes-Hopkins. This work formed a significant part of the AHRC Leadership Project - Audiovisual Space, developing collaborative working skills and providing a platform for critical reflection and consideration of creative practices in media. Working with established professionals with extensive experience - Angus Farquhar, Purni Morell, Steve Urquhart – provided invaluable insights into collaborative working practices involved in delivering an industry ready output. Radio Play was broadcast on Radio North Angus, Resonance FM and Radiophrenia 2022. Beach production was attended by 20 audience groups of 50 people as part of the Arbroath 2020+1 festival and received highly favourable reviews in the press and media. The project continues to be disseminated via conferences and events and engaged with online. Outputs for the project will inform the development of outputs for the Audiovisual Space project

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