Modelling and simulation of the dynamic cutting process and surface topography generation in nano/micro cutting


In nano/micro cutting process, the surface quality is heavily dependent on all the dynamic factors in machining including those from the material, tooling, cutting parameters, servo accuracy, mechanical structure deformation, and non-linear factors as well. The machined surfaces are generated based on the tool profile and the real tool path combining with the various external and internal disturbances. To bridge the gap between the machining conditions and the surface quality, the integrated simulation system presented involves the dynamic cutting process, control/drive system and surface generation module. It takes account all the intricate aspects of the cutting process, such as material heterogeneity, regenerative chatter, built-up edge (BUE), spindle run-out, environmental vibration, and tool interference, etc. The frequency ratio method is used to interpret the surface topography and texture formation. The proposed systematic modelling approach is verified by the cutting experiment

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