Rheo-diecasting AZ91D magnesium alloy


Magnesium recycling has become more important in today’s environmentally aware society. To prompt the usage of recycled magnesium scrap and further improve casting structure and properties, a novel physical approach, the rheo-diecasting process (RDC), has been applied in the present study to deal with AZ91D Mg-alloy directly from die-casting scrap. The experimental results show that the RDC process can be used to produce recycled AZ91D alloy with fine and uniform microstructure and a very low level of porosity. The intermetallic compounds containing the impurity elements were of fine and of spherical morphology, distributed uniformly in the alloy matrix. No oxide particle clusters or oxide films were found in the RDC microstructure. The tensile properties of the recycled AZ91D alloy were comparable to those produced by RDC from the primary alloy ingots., and much better than those produced by conventional High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC)

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