Ethno-Medicinal Uses and Agro-Biodiversity of Barmana Region in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh, Northwestern Himalaya


India is one of the richest countries in traditional knowledge, because of its ambient biodiversity, variety of habitats and rich ethnic divergence. Thus we have had well established local health tradition still relevant in indigenous healthcare system. The paper provides first hand information on the agro-biodiversity and ethno-medicinal uses of the area. In the present study 50 species belonging to 37 genera and 17 families i.e. Shrub (1 spp.), tree (1 spp.), herb (48 spp.) were recorded under the agro-biodiversity region of the area. The utilization pattern of the species indicated that leaves of 22 species, stem of 1 species and seeds of 23 species, whole part of 11 species, tubers and flowers of 4 species, fruits of 18 species, each are used. 6 species were Indian origins, while others were non-native to Indian Himalayan Region

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