Occurrence of fumonisin in processed and low processed corn-based products in Turkey


A total of 92 corn-based food products consisting of 53 low-processed and 39 processed samples were collected at random from retail markets and bazaars in various provinces of Turkey and analysed for total fumonisin levels. Twenty oneTwenty-one (40%) low-processed and nine (23%) processed samples were found to contain fumonisin. Total fumonisin contamination in the low-processed products ranged from 0.8 to 273 273 mg. mg kg-1, and in the processed products from 0.3 to 76.8 mg kg-. Considering all 92 samples, the highest frequency of detection and also the highest concentrations (in flour samples up to 273 mg kg-1) were detected in low-processed products. These results indicated the natural contamination of fumonisins corn-based low-processed and processed food products for human consumption in Turkey by fumonisins

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