Atrocalopteryx melli orohainani ssp. nov. on the Island of Hainan, China (Zygoptera: Calopterygidae)


The new sp. is described from the mountain core of Hainan, southern China, where it usually occurs at altitudes not lower than 300 m asl. It lives on the same type of small, shaded rivers as the nominate ssp. on the continent, and is distinguished by its larger size, slightly less enfumed wings, and a 2.6% difference in the sequence of the barcoding portion of the mitochodrial DNA-cytochrome c oxidase subunit I gene (COI). Holotype male: Diaoluoshan mountain, 6-VIII-2011; deposited in the Inst. Hydrobiol., Jinan Univ., Guanghou. It is argued that this geographically defined ssp. evolved because of persistent poor gene flow with continental populations, caused by the lowland "panhandle" between Hainan and the continent. This barrier was probably functioning equally well during interglacials (like at present) as during pleniglacials (when Hainan was connected to the mainland), because lack of suitable environments (small sized running waters), and dry and cold conditions continued to limit the contact with A. melli of the mainland

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