Geomatics bachelor and masters program in Belgium


A 4-year curriculum degree of Licence in Geography option Land Surveying was introduced in 1990 at two Belgian academic universities: both at the Universite de Liege in the French speaking part of Belgium and at Ghent University in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. With the BAMA revolution in 2004, this degree has been converted into a 5-year curriculum finalised into an academic "Master in Geomatics and Surveying" (Ghent University) or a "Master in Geography, option Geomatics and Geometrology" (Universite de Liege) and subsequent "Ph.D. in Geomatics and Surveying" (Ghent University). The academic bachelor degree that gives direct access to the Master curriculum without additional compulsory courses is "Bachelor in Geography and Geomatics, Main subject: Surveying" (Ghent University), that can be obtained after 3 years of study. As suggested by the title, the geomatics/surveying degree is related to geographical sciences and located in the Faculty of Sciences. On the opposite, University Colleges (also called Technical Universities) offer professional Bachelor degrees, while academic universities only offer academic Bachelor or Master degrees. In October 2014, Ghent University will start an enhanced academic Bachelor program in Geomatics that allows direct access to the profession of chartered surveyor. The paper will discuss the education experiences, student number evolution and motivation for the enhancements of the Bachelor program

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