A fast 0(n) Embedding Algorithm, based on the Hopcroft-Tarjan Planary Test


The embedding problem for a planar undirected graph G = (V,E) consists of constructing adjacency lists A(v) for each node v in V, in which all the neighbors of v appear in clockwise order with respect to a planar drawing of G. Such a set of adjacency lists is called a (combinatorial) embedding of G. Chiba presented a linear time algorithm based on the 'vertex-addition' planarity testing algorithm of Lempel, Even and Cederbaum using a PQ-tree. It is very complicated to implement this data structure. He also pointed out that it is fairly complicated to modify the linear 'path-addition' planarity testing algorithm of Hopcroft and Tarjan, such that it produces an embedding. We present a straightforward extension of the Hopcroft and Tarjan planarity testing algorithm which is easy to implement. Our method runs in linear time and performs very efficiently in practice

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