The Potential Role of Spirituality in Conducting Field Research: Examination of a Model and a Process


The Cognitive-Experiential Tri-Circle is a model developed by the author to explain the relationship between conducting field research and reflecting on beliefs, including spiritual beliefs. His sample included graduate students, faculty, and friends of the university who participated in field research trips to Cuba through Loyola University Chicago. The basic assumption of the model is that self, beliefs, and experience are related in such a way that depth applies to each equally in a field research experience. Depth of experience for the self leads to depth of belief for the self . Reflection tools that encourage depth of belief for the self lead to depth of experience for the self. The author designed a particular method for processing or reflection which he used with participants on these trips. He al so discusses at length the philosophical issues involved in this topic. The paper concludes that the processing method was effective and that the model is applicable to field research experiences

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