Revision of the upper Cretaceous rudists from Northwestern Peru.


Revision of the Upper Cretaceous of northwestern Peru led to new discoveries of rudists and allowed to specify their taxonomy and stratigraphic repartition. Different species have been identified: Biradiolites cf. jamaicensis Trechmann 1924, Radiolites cf. macroplicatus Whitfield 1897, Praebarrettia sparcilirata (Whitfield, 1897) of Late Campanian age, Macgillavryia nicholasi (Whitfield, 1897), of “Middle” to Late Maastrichtian age. During Campanian and Maastrichtian times, rudists of Peru show palaeobiogeographic affinities with those of the Mexican and Caribbean domains. A palaeogeographic route for rudist migrations probably existed at that time along the Caribbean arc and the Curaçao-Ecuador coastline

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