Fiscal Scenario of South Asian Countries: Implications for Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation


Sustainable economic growth and Poverty alleviation is a principal objective of the developing countries. The present study aims to historically review of fiscal policy and its consequences for the economic development of the four South Asian economies i.e. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Confined revenues and savings coupled with rising expenditures have caused situation of persistent fiscal deficit over the years. Coupled with that countries are also facing current account deficit. Resultantly, ‘Twin Deficit problem’ emerged, and it is filled by public deb. Consequently countries have to spend considerable portion of their GDP on interest payments of the loans. The need to service debt obligation is undermining economic performance and resulting in collapse of development planning. Because debt obligations and expenditure on debt servicing become a resource drain for already limited revenues and is halting economic growth and poverty reduction efforts.Fiscal Policy, Poverty, Economic growth

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