Pescator Dell\u27 Onda


Of late so brightly glowing, Lovely rose,We here beheld thee growing, Lovely rose;Thous seem\u27st some angel\u27s care,Summer\u27s breath was warm a-round thee,Summer\u27s beam with beauty crowned thee,So sweetly fair.Thou seem\u27st some angel\u27s care, Summer\u27s breath was warm around thee, Summer\u27s beam with beauty crowned thee,So sweetly fair. The blast too rudely blowing, Lovely rose,Thy tender form o\u27erthrowing, Lovely rose,Alas! hath laid thee low.Now amid thy native bed,Envious weeds with branches spread, Unkindly grow. No freshening dew of morning, Lovely rose,Thy infant buds adorning, Lovely rose,To thee shall day restore.Zephyrs soft, that late caressed thee,Evening smiles, that parting blessed thee, Return no more. Che cosa voul ch\u27io peschi!Fidulin.L\u27Anel, c he m\u27e casca,Colla, bella, &c. Ti daro Cento Scudi,Fidulin.Sta borsa ricama,Colla bella, &c. Non voglio Cento Scuid, borsa ricama,Colla bella, &c. Io vo bazin d\u27amore,Fidulin.Che quel mi paghera,Colla bella sua boccaColla bella se ne va.Fidulin

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