Rescaling climate justice: sub-national issues and innovations for low carbon futures


Climate justice is emerging as a discourse for mobilising activism around the globe. The language of justice is less explicit as a policy principle despite long standing attention to negotiating responsibilities for causing climate changes and bearing costs related to reducing climate change emissions. Nevertheless there are significant justice issues in terms of how mitigation and adaptation will have differential impacts for people in different places. Even where responsibility and equity negotiations have taken place they have tended to occur at the nation state scale through global institutions and events. However, justice implications of climate change are much more socially and geographically variegated than this would suggest. This paper will examine the arena of beyond-national climate justice issues and actions specifically highlighting the range of beyond-national innovations that seek just transitions to low carbon futures. It will examine the regulatory conditions for supporting such initiatives and relate these findings to the current Irish rhetorical commitment to a green economy.Climate, justice, Ireland, NGOs

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