Paper Crafts with Batuan technique: Efforts to shape the development of Indonesian souvenirs


Paper craft is a craft form of sheets of heavy paper that can be folded and taped up to resemble a character model, object, building, animals. The availability of various models on the internet with little cost or free, as well as the amenity to be printed by using home printers to make its popularity increasing worldwide. In Indonesia, anime models are more acquired and more developed, yet the development of the Indonesian characteristic is less. Batuan pattern, is developed in the area of Batuan, Gianyar, Bali, it is a pattern that is magical, eerie, abstract, and dark. Currently, the pattern of Batuan developed by artists in the form of Batuan paintings that depict the daily life of Balinese people include farming, Ngaben, and depictions of folklore. With a creative method and mode of observation approach undertaken in the village of Batuan, Gianyar, Bali conducted research to combine paper craft techniques and Batuan style. The output generated a form of paper craft that has a characteristic of Bali as a souvenir. Keywords: Paper Craft, Model, Painting, Batuan, Souveni

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