Investigation of a SiC/Ti-24Al-11Nb composite


A summary of ongoing research on the characterization of a continuous fiber reinforced SiC/Ti-24Al-11Nb (at percent) composite is presented. The powder metallurgy fabrication technique is described as are the nondestructive evaluation results of the as-fabricated composite plates. Tensile properties of the SiC fiber, the matrix material, and the 0-deg SiC/Ti-24Al-11Nb composite (fibers oriented unidirectionally, parallel to the loading axis) from room temperature to 1100 C are presented and discussed with regard to the resultant fractography. The as-fabricated fiber-matrix interface has been examined by scanning transmission electron microscopy and the compounds present in the reaction zone have been identified. Fiber-matrix interaction and stability of the matrix near the fiber is characterized at 815, 985, and 1200 C from 1 to 500 hr. Measurements of the fiber-matrix reaction, the loss of C-rich coating from the surface of the SiC fiber, and the growth of the Beta depleted zone in the matrix adjacent to the fiber are presented. These data and the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion between the fiber and the matrix are discussed in terms of their likely effects on mechanical properties

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