Entropic uncertainty relation at finite temperature


We discussed how much information is lost when a particle is in equilibrium with the thermal reservoir of temperature T = 1/beta. The universal temperature correction to the r.h.s. of U(X,P:psi) greater than or = 1 + ln(pi) is determined. For this purpose, it is convenient to employ the framework of thermo-field dynamics (TFD). This formulation of finite-temperature (T not = 0) quantum theory utilizes the doubled Hilbert space, the normal operator (A) acting on the objective space, and its corresponding tildian operator on the fictitious space. The physical probability density associated with the measurement of the normal operator, A, is given, and the information entropy at T not = 0 is defined. The results describe how the thermal disturbance effects in S sub X or S sub P (delta X or delta P) can be suppressed by squeezing with keeping U = S sub X + S sub P (delta X x delta P) its minimum value

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