Searching for high-KK isomers in the proton-rich A∼80A\sim80 mass region


Configuration-constrained potential-energy-surface calculations have been performed to investigate the KK isomerism in the proton-rich A∼80A\sim80 mass region. An abundance of high-KK states are predicted. These high-KK states arise from two and four-quasi-particle excitations, with KΟ€=8+K^{\pi}=8^{+} and KΟ€=16+K^{\pi}=16^{+}, respectively. Their excitation energies are comparatively low, making them good candidates for long-lived isomers. Since most nuclei under studies are prolate spheroids in their ground states, the oblate shapes of the predicted high-KK states may indicate a combination of KK isomerism and shape isomerism

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