Constraining the GENIE model of neutrino-induced single pion production using reanalyzed bubble chamber data


The longstanding discrepancy between bubble chamber measurements of νμ\nu_\mu-induced single pion production channels has led to large uncertainties in pion production cross section parameters for many years. We extend the reanalysis of pion production data in deuterium bubble chambers where this discrepancy is solved (Wilkinson et al., PRD 90 (2014) 112017) to include the νμnμpπ0\nu_{\mu}n\rightarrow \mu^{-}p\pi^{0} and νμnμnπ+\nu_{\mu}n\rightarrow \mu^{-}n\pi^{+} channels, and use the resulting data to fit the parameters of the GENIE (Rein-Sehgal) pion production model. We find a set of parameters that can describe the bubble chamber data better than the GENIE default parameters, and provide updated central values and reduced uncertainties for use in neutrino oscillation and cross section analyses which use the GENIE model. We find that GENIE's non-resonant background prediction has to be significantly reduced to fit the data, which may help to explain the recent discrepancies between simulation and data observed by the MINERvA coherent pion and NOvA oscillation analyses.Comment: v3: Updated to match published versio

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