Comparing the Tsallis distribution with and without thermodynamical description in p+p collisions


We compare two types of Tsallis distribution, i.e., with and without thermodynamical description, using the experimental data from the STAR, PHENIX, ALICE and CMS Collaborations on the rapidity and energy dependence of the transverse momentum spectra in p+p collisions. Both of them can give us the similar fitting power to the particle spectra. We show that the Tsallis distribution with thermodynamical description gives lower temperatures than the ones without it. The extra factor mTm_T (transverse mass) in the Tsallis distribution with thermodynamical description plays an important role in the discrepancies between the two types of Tsallis distribution. But for the heavy particles, the choice to use the mTm_T or ETE_T (transverse energy) in the Tsallis distribution becomes more crucial.Comment: 9 pages, 5 figure

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