Nucleon Resonances Near 2 GeV


The nucleon resonances near 2 GeV are investigated through the Σ\Sigma(1385) and Λ(1520)\Lambda(1520) photoproductions within a Regge-plus-resonance approach based on the new experimental data released by the CLAS Collaboration. The Δ(2000)\Delta(2000) and the N(2120)N(2120) are found essential to reproduce the experimental data and should be assigned as second [Δ5/2+][\Delta 5/2^+] and third [N3/2][N3/2^-] in the constituent quark model, respectively. A calculation of the binding energy and decay pattern supports that the N(1875)N(1875), which is listed in the PDG as the third N3/2N3/2^- nucleon resonance instead of the N(2120)N(2120), is from the Σ(1385)K\Sigma(1385)K interaction rather than a three quark state.Comment: Talk given at the 10th International Workshop on the Physics of Excited Nucleons (NSTAR2015), Osaka, May 201

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