D0 dimuon charge asymmetry from B_s system with Z' couplings and the recent LHCb result


The D0 collaboration has announced the observation of the like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry since 2010, which has more than 3\sigma deviation from the Standard Model prediction. One of the promising explanation is considering the existence of flavor changing Z' couplings to the b and s quarks which can contribute to the off-diagonal decay width in the B_s - \bar{B}_s mixing. Model construction is highly constrained by the recent LHCb data of 1fb^{-1} integrated luminosity . In this paper, we analyze the experimental constraints in constructing new physics models to explain the dimuon charge asymmetry from the CP violation of the B_s system. We present limits on Z' couplings and show that it is impossible to obtain the 1\sigma range of the dimuon charge asymmetry without the new contribution in the B_d system. Even with arbitrary contribution in the B_d system, the new couplings must be in the fine tuned region.Comment: 34 pages, 12 figures, Additional analyses and references are updated. (Conclusion unchanged.

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