The tensor renormalization group study of the general spin-S Blume-Capel model


We focus on the special situation of D=2JD=2J of the general spin-S Blume-Capel model on the square lattice. Under the infinitesimal external magnetic field, the phase transition behaviors due to the thermal fluctuations are discussed by the newly developed tensor renormalization group method. For the case of the integer spin-S, the system will undergo SS first-order phase transitions with the successive symmetry breaking with the magnetization M=S,S1,...0M=S,S-1,...0. For the half-integer spin-S, there are similar S1/2S-1/2 first order phase transition with M=S,S1,...1/2M=S,S-1,...1/2 stepwise structure, in addition, there is a continuous phase transition due to the spin-flip Z2Z_2 symmetry breaking. In the low temperature regions, all first-order phase transitions are accompanied by the successive disappearance of the optional spin-component pairs(s,ss,-s), furthermore, the critical temperature for the nth first-order phase transition is the same, independent of the value of the spin-S. In the absence of the magnetic field, the visualization parameter characterizing the intrinsic degeneracy of the different phases clearly demonstrates the phase transition process.Comment: 6 pages, 7 figure

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