A 24-GHz SiGe Phased-Array Receiver—LO Phase-Shifting Approach


A local-oscillator phase-shifting approach is introduced to implement a fully integrated 24-GHz phased-array receiver using an SiGe technology. Sixteen phases of the local oscillator are generated in one oscillator core, resulting in a raw beam-forming accuracy of 4 bits. These phases are distributed to all eight receiving paths of the array by a symmetric network. The appropriate phase for each path is selected using high-frequency analog multiplexers. The raw beam-steering resolution of the array is better than 10 [degrees] for a forward-looking angle, while the array spatial selectivity, without any amplitude correction, is better than 20 dB. The overall gain of the array is 61 dB, while the array improves the input signal-to-noise ratio by 9 dB

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