Comparison of resonance integrals of cross sections from JEFF-3.2 library for some problematic reactions


The quality of the capture cross sections in JEFF-3.2 for a selection of nuclides has been assessed in comparison to other evaluated nuclear data libraries (ENDF/B-VII.1, JENDL-4.0, TENDL-2014 and IRDFF v1.05). The incident neutron capture reactions of this nuclides have been compared to experimental data from the EXFOR database in terms of resonance integrals and, where available, energy dependent data. Recommendations for next version of the JEFF library have been given. For 55Mn, JEFF-3.2 is strongly recommended. For 58Fe and 176,178Hf, JEFF-3.2 is recommended. For 93Nb and 148Nd, JEFF-3.2 is not recommended. For those two nuclides, the capture cross section from JENDL-4.0 is recommended.JRC.D.4-Standards for Nuclear Safety, Security and Safeguard

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