A proposed educational program for Command, Control and Communications"


Presentation at the Workshop on Decision Information for Tactical Command and Control held at the Airlie House in Airlie, Virginia.The primary purpose of this workshop has been to sharpen the research focus on decisions in C3. However, I believe that there is a more fundamental problem which has been identified during the meeting. That problem is that the operators of the C3 system and the designers of the system are not on the same wave length. This open switch makes it difficult for researchers in the information and decision sciences to even get into the loop. I would maintain that this problem is one of education or lack thereof. Professor Bob Kalaba of USC has apparently reached a similar conclusioin. Lieutenant Creech of the Electronics Systems Command identified the problem on Thursday when he said "That we need to tighten up this dialogue between operators and designers, have more interaction, but stay out of the other sides' work"...Air Force Office of Scientific Research; Army Research Office; Office of Naval ResearchApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited

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