The Law and Morals of Interpretation


This report is a hermeneutic analytical study of a practical pedagogical situation. For three occasions I observed my own practice as a dance teacher and how a moment, choreographic approach in the governing documents for upper secondary school GY11 was executed in a group of dance students. The part is formulated in the course objectives for the courses on the arts program under the topic Dansgestaltning with focus on choreographic approach. The study is based on a socio-cultural thinking but also takes into account the prevailing gender theories and focuses on how the process of formulation level, through the transformation level is portrayed in the realization level of the dance regarding choreographic approach. The study illustrates educational research from both a dance perspective and a school development perspective. The intention of this study was to raise the awareness of how a pedagogical situation was designed and what is realized in the dance studio. Some pedagogical models are described as useful in raising awareness of the process and the realization of the aspect of moment in a dance studio. The methodology used for the study was participant observation and focus conversations. The results are reported in a discussion on a larger awareness of my own practice, and the benefits it can bring to learning, dancing and school development

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