Combined vehicle to building (V2B) and vehicle to home (V2H) strategy to increase electric vehicle market share


.Buildings are one of the most important energy consumers in modern economy countries. The massive use of electrical vehicles could help decarbonizing the economy by using electricity produced using renewable energy. Combined use of Vehicle to Grid (V2G), Vehicle to Home (V2H) and Vehicle to Building (V2B) is one of the strategies to increase the number of electrical vehicles, ensure a better coupling between energy generation and consumption, reducing peak demand and increasing global energy efficiency. This research presents a novel approach of combined use of V2H and V2B that can be applied in different scenarios such as when the building workers own EVs, company shared car fleets or leasing, among others. Recharged energy at workers homes during night hours is delivered in the building during daily working hours lowering peak demand, reducing carbon intensity and energy cost savings. The results show that the methodology is feasible and can be extended to other cases and greatly contribute to better energy efficiency, reduces peak demand in buildings and increase electric vehicles penetration in transport to workplaces.S

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