Modular Payload-Centered CubeSat


CubeSats gained a lot of popularity recently after many successful missions and due to the availability of pico-components for these satellites. Although miniaturizing the electronic circuits, sensors and attitude control hardware are progressing very well, there are other components that cannot be miniaturized such as imaging lenses while maintaining spacial resolution. As results, bigger CubeSats were introduced. To maintain smaller size we developed a new Cubesat structure that\u27s likely to reduce the size by 50%. The frame structure design offers the demanded rigidity around the payload and surrounded with eight slots for other components. the slots offer direct access to space environments, which enable integrating the sensors, imaging devices directly to circuit boards. Moreover, other components like deployable antenna, reaction wheels and other attitude control devices also can benefit by getting the needed radial distance for the right torque. The structure is a modular permitting smooth connectivity of several units in elongated structure. the structure units offer flexible variations for customization and to be manufactured by 3D printing technology from low gassing composite materials for space environments. this innovative structure likely to boost capacity building efforts and motivating students to embark on space-centered carrier

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