Evidence gathering in support of sustainable Scottish inshore fisheries: work package (4) final report: a pilot study to define the footprint and activities of Scottish inshore fisheries by identifying target fisheries, habitats and associated fish stocks


[Extract from Executive Summary] This work was conducted under Work package 4 of the European Fisheries Funded program “Evidence Gathering in Support of Sustainable Scottish Inshore Fisheries”. The overall aim of the program was to work in partnership with Marine Scotland Fisheries Policy and with the Scottish Inshore Fisheries Groups to help develop inshore fisheries management. Specifically the program aims were to establish the location of fishing activities within inshore areas; to identify catch composition and associated fishery impacts; to define the environmental footprint and availability of stocks; to develop economic value within local fisheries and; to establish an information resource base to assist the development of inshore fisheries management provisions.Publisher PD

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