A green intelligent routing algorithm supporting flexible QoS for many-to-many multicast


The tremendous energy consumption attributed to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field has become a persistent concern during the last few years, attracting significant academic and industrial efforts. Networks have begun to be improved towards being “green”. Considering Quality of Service (QoS) and power consumption for green Internet, a Green Intelligent flexible QoS many-to-many Multicast routing algorithm (GIQM) is presented in this paper. In the proposed algorithm, a Rendezvous Point Confirming Stage (RPCS) is first carried out to obtain a rendezvous point and the candidate Many-to-many Multicast Sharing Tree (M2ST); then an Optimal Solution Identifying Stage (OSIS) is performed to generate a modified M2ST rooted at the rendezvous point, and an optimal M2ST is obtained by comparing the original M2ST and the modified M2ST. The network topology of Cernet2, GéANT and Internet2 were considered for the simulation of GIQM. The results from a series of experiments demonstrate the good performance and outstanding power-saving potential of the proposed GIQM with QoS satisfied

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