DˉΣc\bar{D}\Sigma^*_c and DˉΣc\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c interactions and the LHCb hidden-charmed pentaquarks


Very recently, two hidden-charmed resonances Pc(4380)P_c(4380) and Pc(4450)P_c(4450) consistent with pentaquark states were observed at the LHCb detector. The two PcP_c states locate just below the DˉΣc\bar{D}\Sigma^*_c and DˉΣc\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c thresholds with mass of gaps about 5 and 15 MeV, respectively. Inspired by this fact we perform a dynamical investigation about the DˉΣc(2520)\bar{D}\Sigma_c^*(2520) and DˉΣc(2455)\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c(2455) interactions which are described by the meson exchanges. A bound state which carries spin-parity JP=3/2J^P=3/2^- is produced from the DˉΣc(2520)\bar{D}\Sigma^*_c(2520) interaction, which is consistent with the Pc(4380)P_c(4380) observed at the LHCb detector. From the DΣc(2455)D^*\Sigma_c(2455) interaction, a bound state with 5/2+5/2^+ is produced, which can be related to the Pc(4450)P_c(4450). The results suggest that the Pc(4380)P_c(4380) and Pc(4450)P_c(4450) are good candidates of DˉΣc(2520)\bar{D}\Sigma_c^*(2520) and DˉΣc(2455)\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c(2455) molecular states, respectively.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figures, published version in Phys. Lett.

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