Topological superconducting states in monolayer FeSe/SrTiO3_{3}


The monolayer FeSe with a thickness of one unit cell grown on a single-crystal SrTiO3_{3} substrate (FeSe/STO) exhibits striking high-temperature superconductivity with transition temperature TcT_{c} over 65K reported by recent experimental measurements. In this work, through analyzing the distinctive electronic structure, and providing systematic classification of the pairing symmetry , we find that both ss-and pp-wave pairing with odd parity give rise to topological superconducting states in monolayer FeSe, and the exotic properties of ss-wave topological superconducting states have close relations with the unique non-symmorphic lattice structure which induces the orbital-momentum locking. Our results indicate that the monolayer FeSe could be in the topological nontrivial ss-wave superconducting states if the relevant effective pairing interactions are dominant in comparison with other candidates.Comment: 11 pages, 4 figure

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