Multiple Broken Symmetries in Striped La2x_{2-x}Bax_{x}CuO4_{4} detected by the Field Symmetric Nernst Effect


We report on a thermoelectric investigation of the stripe and superconducting phases of the cuprate La2x_{2-x}Bax_{x}CuO4_{4} near the x=1/8x=1/8 doping known to host stable stripes. We use the doping and magnetic field dependence of field-symmetric Nernst effect features to delineate the phenomenology of these phases. Our measurements are consistent with prior reports of time-reversal symmetry breaking signatures above the superconducting TcT_{{\rm c}}, and crucially detect a sharp, robust, field-invariant peak at the stripe charge order temperature, TCOT_{{\rm {\scriptscriptstyle CO}}}. Our observations suggest the onset of a nontrivial charge ordered phase at TCOT_{{\rm {\scriptscriptstyle CO}}}, and the subsequent presence of spontaneously generated vortices over a broad temperature range before the emergence of bulk superconductivity in LBCO

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