(0,4)(0, 4) dualities


We study a class of two-dimensional N=(0,4){\cal N}=(0, 4) quiver gauge theories that flow to superconformal field theories. We find dualities for the superconformal field theories similar to the 4d N=2{\cal N}=2 theories of class S{\cal S}, labelled by a Riemann surface C{\cal C}. The dual descriptions arise from various pair-of-pants decompositions, that involves an analog of the TNT_N theory. Especially, we find the superconformal index of such theories can be written in terms of a topological field theory on C{\cal C}. We interpret this class of SCFTs as the ones coming from compactifying 6d N=(2,0){\cal N}=(2, 0) theory on CP1×C\mathbb{CP}^1 \times {\cal C}Comment: 41 pages, 12 figure

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