On the Possibility of Measuring the Single-tagged Exclusive Jets at the LHC


The feasibility studies of the measurement of the central exclusive jet production at the LHC using the proton tagging technique are presented. In order to reach the low jet-mass region, single tagged events were considered. The studies were performed at the c.m. energy of 14 TeV and the ATLAS detector, but are also applicable for the CMS-TOTEM experiments. Four data-taking scenarios were considered: AFP and ALFA detectors as forward proton taggers and β\beta^* = 0.55 m and β\beta^* = 90 m optics. After the event selection, the signal-to-background ratio ranges between 5 and 10410^4. Finally, the expected precision of the central exclusive dijet cross-section measurement for data collection period of 100 h is estimated

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