Dynamical Instability and Expansion-free Condition in f(R,T)f(R,T) Gravity


Dynamical analysis of spherically symmetric collapsing star surrounding in locally anisotropic environment with expansion-free condition is presented in f(R,T)f(R,T) gravity, where RR corresponds to Ricci scalar and TT stands for the trace of energy momentum tensor. The modified field equations and evolution equations are reconstructed in the framework of f(R,T)f(R,T) gravty. In order to acquire the collapse equation we implement the perturbation on all matter variables and dark source components comprising the viable f(R,T)f(R,T) model. The instability range is described in Newtonian and post-Newtonian eras by constraining the adiabatic index Γ\Gamma to maintain viability of considered model and stable stellar configuration.Comment: 22 page

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