Charged Black Holes in Colored Lifshitz Spacetimes


We consider Einstein gravities coupled to a cosmological constant and SU(2)SU(2) Yang-Mills fields in four and five dimensions. We find that the theories admit colored Lifshitz solutions with dynamic exponents z>1z>1. We study the wave equations of the SU(2)SU(2) scalar triplet in the bulk, and find that the vacuum color modifies the scaling dimensions of the dual operators. We also introduce a Maxwell field and construct exact solutions of electrically-charged black holes that asymptote to the D=4D=4, z=3z=3 and D=5D=5, z=4z=4 colored Lifshitz spacetimes. We derive the thermodynamical first law for general colored and charged Lifshitz black holes.Comment: Latex, 13 pages, minor corrections and references adde

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